IS-ELEC1B – Oct 1

I was actually late for class because it was so hard to find a taxi at 6am and I still have to bring my lola to her house from the condo where we’re staying at. I came to class just in time for our group’s presentation on our case analysis but as we are about to start, we we’re cut off because Ma’am Kit still had to catch the attention of some of our classmates who were busy doing other things aside from acads. She mentioned some things we should be able to realize because it is true, we are not kids that needs to be spoon-fed. As early as now, we must be able to know how to stand in our own feet because life after college is fast approaching and not everyone is getting younger. We are to adjust to independency because that is the true essence of work life. It was just sad to disappoint someone who had been very nice to us for the past semesters.  For me, I understand where she is coming from. She was also a student like us and we must be able to understand what she is trying to teach us. Most importantly, she feels us, her students. She understands the stress we are going through and we must be able to prove her that we can cope up to the demands that life gives most especially after we graduate.  That is why as early as now, I’m trying to know the basics of work life and how to deal with the pressures that we might encounter in the future. Honestly, I’m afraid that I may not achieve the goals I prepared so I’m just trying to help myself conquer every trial that I may encounter and enjoy life while it lasts.


IS-ELEC1B – Sep 24

Finally, I was able to finish our AVP Major Project after weeks of delays thanks to Ma’am Kit. I was actually to interview our former professor, Mr. Nobumasa Osako but due to scheduling conflicts, we were not able to conduct an interview with him. We were about to go to him in his work in Makati and changed plans, went to Eastwood and was ditched. But we understood him because the interview was also very urgent that we had so little time to prepare an appointment so we just pushed through with the content and took some videos that were helpful to the task. I was bummed since the video had technical problems while presenting it to class. but I hoped that the class viewed it instead on youtube. So because we had weeks of delay, we had to catch up on the lessons prepared in the syllabus. We had a quiz about the last lesson and the other groups, including ours presented our projects in front of the class. We also had a case analysis activity in which we have chosen a country, India, and we should justify the educational system it has as of the moment. So far, it was very easy looking for the content since we were quite familiar about the topic because we watched the movie, 3 Idiots, explaining the current status of education in the country. This day became very productive for us and I hope that lesser tasks will be given in the next weeks. hehe. :))

ISELEC1B – Mini Web Design Conference and Meetup

The moment I received the announcement regarding a web design seminar conducted in the university and knowing that its free, I quickly grabbed the opportunity. I know for a fact that it will greatly help me in gaining more knowledge and discovering if I have enough web designing skills. Personally, I can say that I’m not a programmer myself but I am more knowledgeable on the business side of Information Systems that is why it is important for me to attend these kids of conferences. I was looking forward to this event and I am very ecstatic to learn more about Web Design and other related things. The people invited to talk about their experiences and skills were very legit. They were able to impart to us the essence of Web Design. They have had the first-hand experiences through joining Hackathons and being student-leaders themselves were a great edge that is why they are successful in their own respective fields. Also, I appreciate the fact that they were very able and approachable upon answering our concerns and questions about Web Design and beyond. This day was actually a good one, me being able to expand my views on Web Design and possibly, entering and exploring the field. Hopefully, I could get to absorb all the things that they talked about and appreciate Web Design much better.

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ISELEC-1B – September 4

This day turned out to be another normal lecture class wherein we took a quiz about the module taken up the week before and then discussion right after on the next modules. But I’m rather disappointed yet again since I didn’t get the desired score I hoped during our quiz. I think i studied enough to get a higher score but I’m still kinda disappointed on the outcome. Maybe there are things that you exert so much effort for that you’ve given you have given almost everything and it just wasn’t enough. And it is not just the quiz, but life in general. I just realized that there is right timing for everything. What is important is that you appreciate everything that God has given you and just continue to make Him proud by doing what is right. Applying it most especially in our academics is rather important because we should always be able to exert more effort so that we could produce incredible results since our future is at stake. I’m still very thankful that right now because there is someone who helped me realize that I should focus more on my academics since it is the most important thing right now for me as to being a student. Don’t expect that I get a perfect score next quiz but I promise to be the best student I could ever be.

ISELEC-1B – August 27

I needed a well-deserved break from all demands and stress after the first 2 weeks of my 3rd year life that is why last night, I went to my friend’s unit in Timog and had a girls’ night out but I still managed to go home at midnight since I still had stat homeworks to do. Cinderella feels huh? I only got an hour and a half to sleep that’s why I’m a bit late and I’m a little bit lucky because I still got to make it on time to finish my quiz. Although I got an almost perfect score, I was still hoping that I nailed it enough but I forgot to read the instructions that the answers should be typed in capital letters. I was sad for a moment but I didn’t want to ruin my day because of that stupid mistake. After that, it was time for some of the groups to present their projects and I personally think that they pulled it off. Their presentations were interesting and nice which makes it fun to watch. Then it was time for Ms. Valmadrid to teach us the 2nd module and what made me interested about her lectures is that her ability to share her stories about school, work and lovelife. But I am more focused on the part wherein she discussed her experiences with her career life since I am really worried about that long before. I am afraid that I might not live up to the expectations of my colleagues. I might fail and I am very conscious with my abilities and skills being able to apply it to my line of work. Now, I’m just trying to think about ways on how to improve myself in many ways so that I could have a great future ahead of me and hopefully, become successful as her someday.

IS-ELEC1B – August 20 | Birthday Card

It was an unusual day to have a BPO class since our professor wanted us to bring art stuff in school like, WTH?! Does art and Service Management ever related? Screw it! I think its fun to add spice on days of constant lectures and long hours of staying in for breaks so I was actually looking forward to this day. I prepared art materials I found at home thinking that maybe we are to design something for our company and stuff so I just brought the basics. Our class started with our quiz postponed because of technical issues in the lab in which I really prepared for. I was so excited to nail this test but it turns out that it’s not going to happen so we proceed with the activity instead. Instructions were given wherein we had to group up and form into a company that produces birthday cards. We have clients to satisfy that is why we need to consider their wants and feels for the cards. All of us had a task to but I forgot my role instead I was the one assigned to make the cards unique and innovated from other companies. Fortunately, I felt like it was the right pick since I am the only girl in the group and I have more creative skills in me. As for the branding, I made it sure that it was simple yet colorful and pleasing to the eye that is why in the first leg of the activity, we were able to produce 10 cards, which is the required number of cards to make for the client. I am so confident about our cards because for me, I really lived up to our brand but unfortunately, we didn’t earn anything from it since we were not able to consult with the client’s preferences. On the second leg, I tried my best to make it up from our mistake earlier and bounce back from defeat. I pushed myself harder  and we have now consulted with the client and what he wants for his cards. Luckily, we were now able to live up to the expectation but we only gained a little amount from the loss we had earlier and the cost of materials we used. On the last round, I still tried to lead the whole team but they don’t seem to participate as much as I do. We had to consult again but now, we have incentives if we create more cards than what is required by the client. In the end, we lost because we didn’t earn as much as we should have. But I appreciate this activity very much because I was able to know how Business Process Outsourcing really works. It is not just about call centers in the country being in demand in taking calls from other countries because labor is cheap in the Philippines but it is about how BPO became an effective business trend because of the fact that they had to focus on the key processes in the company therefore outsourcing it to another for increase in productivity and other important reasons. This activity made me understand how BPO operates and what are the primary things we should always consider in order to benefit the company. If only you knew how I was ecstatic about learning this subject because I know it is a huge deal entering the IT community because it is constantly changing the world interactively. I chose Service Management as track because I know it suits my skills and knowledge and the world out there seems to be varied and huge that is why I very much appreciate this subject, Being able to listen to our professor’s life experiences related to this makes me look forward in entering the IT world hoping that I could also achieve my goals, improve the quality of technology and enjoy life at the same time.


It was a normal day like any other HCI class. Our day started with a lecture on Chapters 7 and 8. It covers the topics on gathering data and the right ways on conducting an interview. At the end of the lecture, we are about to present the initial layout required for our project regarding the improvement of an educational site. I didn’t quite help in the front-end side of the site since I am not really good in coding stuffs. I am quite disappointed with our work and I plan to help more so that we can improve and make our site a lot better. I will help in the part wherein our site can be suitable to the eye. Hoping that our site would be a better one next time Ma’am Kit would check it!